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Use Cases


B2B and B2C, weather intelligence

Mira worked with between 2019 and 2021. During that period, the company grew by 7x. 400 articles were published about in leading publications such as Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, Fast Company, Constructions Executive, VentureBeat, TechCrunch (non-funding story), and many more.

Mira spearheaded EquityBee’s PR launch in the US for two years. Articles about the company were published in Business Insider, Fast Company, TechCrunch, PitchBook, CrunchBase News, and The New York Times used EB’s data in this piece.


B2C, Fintech


B2C, Climatech

Mira was brought on to transfer Sensibo from the gadget world to the ClimaTech world, focusing on energy reduction. The highlight of the joint work was Sensibo's Special Mention in the TIME Best Inventions List 2024. In the 18 months of working together, Sensibo was featured in a profile piece in Forbes, a data piece in Reuters, a new product launch in Yahoo Life, the “regular” product reviews in CNET, and many more. Over 330 articles were published during that period.

The press success stemmed from tier 1 articles such as CNN, Forbes, and The Financial Times and their extended funding round, which was featured in TechCrunch. The many campaigns discussing partnerships and announcements were featured in numerous foodtech trade publications such as Food Navigator, Food Dive, Green Queen, and Vegconominst. In the (almost) two years of working together, 206 articles were published.

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B2B, Foodtech

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B2B, AgTech

The pinnacle of the joint PR work was SupPlant being chosen for the Time 100 Best Inventions list for 2021. A funding round was also covered by TechCrunch and Axios. In the two years Mira worked with SupPlant, more than 220 articles were published in press outlets worldwide, while the main markets in focus were Mexico, South Africa, and Australia—those in addition to global AgTech and farming outlets such as Successful Farming.

Mira worked with HomeBiogas globally, reaching outlets in Africa, Australia, India and many more countries. Tier One outlets covered the company, such as Forbes - alongside trade outlets, such as Energy Monitor, Waste Dive, and Waste360, which showcased a fascinating use case. Mira was responsible for many awards granted to HomeBiogas, such as MeaningfulBusiness100, World Sustainability Award, Biogas Award 2022, and more. In the two and a half years of working together, more than 300 articles were published.


B2C, Climatech



Mira worked with Seebo for one year until they were acquired. With three main verticals, the press mission was to establish Seebo as a leader in each vertical: Cement news was published in For Constructions Pros, World Cement, and others. Food news was covered in Food Navigator, Snack and Bakery, and more. Glass news was featured in Chemistry World and other significant outlets. The holy grail: Seebo was chosen as one of the most innovative manufacturing companies by Fast Company.

TechCrunch and Axios Pro Rata covered funding news, and the CEO was a guest on the podcast Breaking Banks. covered a feature launch, and, among other things, a thought leadership piece was published in Accounting Today.

B2B, Fintech


B2C, Fintech

The goal was fintech magazines. Lance was featured in Banking Dive, Forbes, Business Insider, American Banker, PYMNTS.COM, and many more.

Luke, the friendly bot that helps you find your apartment in NYC (The Israeli Dooron’s “cousin”), attracted a lot of attention in the press, including The New York Times, The New York Post (awesome headline: “I BOT an apartment”!) and the WallStreet Journal, among others.


B2C, Proptech


B2B, Cybersecurity

News announcements were covered in outlets such as Business Insider and VentureBeat, which covered the funding round. Thought leadership pieces were placed in outlets such as Dark Reading and Hackernoon, Participated in a video series on HelpNet Security, and on the podcast Application Security Weekly, among others.

The work with SeeMetrics involved product launches, which were covered in cyber trade outlets such as Dark Reading, CSO Online, CIO Influence, IT Security News, and many more. There was also an additional focus on the CEO’s leadership, with interviews at TechBlast and podcasts such as Cyber Inspiration.


B2B, Cybersecurity


B2B, Proptech

Their funding round was featured in Business Insider, while additional focus was on real estate magazines such as Real Estate Weekly and Boston Real Estate Times. 

Forbes covered the importance of their product, School Bus Fleet showcased a use case, and Live Score interviewed the brand ambassador.


B2B and B2C, Air Quality and Automotive


Mira spearheaded the UK press launch, ensuring the application was featured in Metro UK, Android Authority, Huff Post UK and more.

B2C, Femtech

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