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CEO & Co-founder, Brevel

Yonatan Golan

Mira is absolutely a delight to work with.
She knows her stuff, is not afraid to put forward her opinions and strategy while also being flexible and attentive to whomever she is working with.
We were fortunate to have Mira with us on our journey of putting Brevel in the spotlights and on a new path.
Thank you for everything and for being such a great addition to our team!

Shirley Salzman CEO SeeMetrics.jpg

CEO & Co-founder, SeeMetrics

Shirley Salzman

By far one of the best ROIs I have experienced. Our top of the funnel looks sooo different ever since we started collaborating!!


VP Marketing, Sensibo

Or Gottlib

During my tenures at Sensibo and HomeBiogas as CMO, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Mira Marcus on our PR initiatives. I highly recommend her for any startup aiming to scale their presence and achieve significant market exposure. Mira's exceptional skill set facilitated impressive growth and visibility in our targeted markets. Her positive attitude and ambitious nature not only enhanced our projects but also created an excellent work environment.

Mira's strategic approach, combined with her ability to execute with creativity and precision, makes her an invaluable asset. Her commitment to fostering a positive atmosphere significantly contributed to our team's morale and overall success.

For any growth-oriented company, working with Mira is a decision that promises rewarding outcomes. I wholeheartedly endorse her for any organization looking to enhance their PR strategy and achieve remarkable results.


Marketing Manager, CabinAir

Carolina Lindberg

A year ago we were looking for PR support who could help us increase awareness, mainly on the U.S market, and a business partner recommend us to talk to Mira. Mira’s experience and personality was a good match to CabinAir, a Swedish start-up with cutting edge air purification technology within the automotive industry.

She was quickly up to speed, even though our technology was new to her and within soon we had an article in Forbes, School Transportation News and Metro. Mira also arranged an exclusive interview with our brand ambassador Lucas di Grass and LiveScore in U.K. She gave great guidance and wrote several press releases for us.

We only worked with Mira for a few months, since we had a change of scope and Mira was offered new challenges. It was a pleasure working with Mira and I’m sure she will help many companies make great stories!


Representative of the Education Department in North America, World Zionist Organization

Hila Drechler

Mira was a great co-worker. We worked together at Tel Aviv Municipality and although we weren't in the same department, her work echoed over, thanks to her achievements.
Mira is Smart and intelligent and is an asset to any workplace who will hire her.
A true innovator who knows how to build a field from the bottom-up, strategize and then implement the strategy on her own. A true one-woman-show, but also a great team worker, if that makes sense.


Project Management

Rinat Mashal

I worked closely with Mira at the Tel Aviv Municipality.
Mira brings a special quality to every work place, as she works calmly even when she is under great pressure. She knows how to balance her tasks and perform them professionally and with great success. Mira is a true expert in the field of communications and messaging.


Energy Industry Strategic Collaboration Specialist

Vanessa Scobie

Mira Marcus has led an outstanding PR campaign to generate awareness for the Israeli Energy and Economic Mission and Israel’s offshore exploration bid round. She is a well-organized publicity leader, project manager and team administrator. Her contribution is equal to her passion, and it has been a real pleasure working with her.



Shimon Elkabetz

Mira leads PR activities for ClimaCell. Beyond the fact that Mira is a wonderful person to work with, with great energy and attitude, she’s top notch professionally.

With minimal effort on our end, almost every development in the company got exposure on the media. While Mira worked hard to create these opportunities, it was seamless to us. She understands the company, the market, and the differentiation, and creates a very good setting to engage with the media, to a degree where it’s no distraction for any of the ClimaCell team.


Co-Founder & CMO, Circles

Dan Landa

I’ve worked with Mira on 3 separate PR projects during the last year. Every time I was impressed by her ideas and abilities. Sometimes I felt like she is influential like having 10 PR firms.. when I have a future PR project - she will be my first phone call.


CBO, Brevel

Yoav Earon

Mira is absolutely a delight to work with.
She knows her stuff, is not afraid to put forward her opinions and strategy while also being flexible and attentive to whomever she is working with.

I highly recommend Mira Marcus as our Public Relations expert at Brevel. She spearheaded successful PR campaigns and managed various other initiatives, showcasing her creativity and innovative marketing ideas.

Mira's unwavering positivity, quick responsiveness, and deep knowledge of the PR landscape make her an invaluable asset. She quickly adapted to our industry, establishing connections with key figures in food tech media publications.
Mira is a true professional who consistently delivers outstanding results. From day one, she felt like a vital part of our team, demonstrating dedication and ambition in her relentless pursuit of pushing Brevel's brand forward.Thank you for everything and for being such a great addition to our team!


Director of Government Partnerships, OurCrowd

Shiri Fein Grossman

Mira is one of the best communications directors I ever had the privilege of working with.
She performs extensive research in every project she takes on every project she takes on. She is highly skilled in Public relations and Public Diplomacy, or simply put – a media expert! She takes any assignment very seriously and fully sees its through .
Expertise aside, Mira is very easy to work with and along with getting the job done you will have a friend for life.
You can be rest assured you are in very capable hands with Mira.


CSO & Head of Product, Stealth Mode Startup

Yael Weinstein

I worked with Mira while she was the International Press Director for the city of Tel Aviv. As I was the Director of Global Economic Development, we worked closely together.
Our goal was to market Tel Aviv as a top global destination for startups, and Mira was very successful in obtaining that goal. She targeted the main publications which would elevate Tel Aviv's brand and managed to get mentions for Tel Aviv in every newspaper and magazine we could only dream of.
Mira is a real go-getter, and a pleasure to work with.
I believe she would be an outstanding contribution to any company / organization she works with.


Vice President, The Tel Aviv Foundation

Lior Meyer

I had the pleasure of working together with Mira for nearly four years at Tel Aviv Global & Tourism. Mira is a highly professional and seasoned media spokesperson. Her ability to both develop creative initiatives to generate media coverage, as well as her personal capabilities in relationship building and professional networking were both of an extremely high standard. During her time at Tel Aviv Global, Mira developed the City's official international public relations policies, messaging, outreach and work methods. She succesfully posiutioned Tel Aviv as a world-leading city brand in many of the world's leading media platforms. She is a hard-worker, creative thinker and team player that will without a doubt contribute greatly to any company, platform or initiative she will join.



Avital Ingber

I’ve been impressed with Mira from the first time we met. She is ambitious, has a great desire to learn and grow and is not afraid of challenges. Mira is excellent at building relationships and networking. Any company or organization who can capitalize on her ability to learn quickly and translate what she sees into thoughtful communication and PR will be very lucky.


Co-Founder & COO, Lance

Gilad Uziely

Had the pleasure of working with Mira as a PR lead for Lance. Mira proved to be a priceless asset for our company. She is very professional, knowledgable and above all she really cares about her client's success.
Highly recommended!



Dan Slagen

Mira is the best PR partner I have worked with during my time in start-up land. From seed to Series D, Mira has been instrumental in helping to get our brand story and strategic narrative told through multiple channels. Her ability to form a genuine network across the media landscape is an essential asset to any growth company looking for top tier coverage, and more importantly relationships. Mira is also a pleasure to work with, extremely dedicated, and isn't afraid push the envelope. I would highly recommend Mira.


Partnerships Manager, SafeUp

Giovanna Copstein

Mira was a brilliant person to work with. Passionate, proactive, and perfectly organized, she is a brilliant PR media relations. Loyal, insightful and independent. She is not only reliable and forward-thinking but also an inspiring team player.
I would recommend anyone to work with her, she will go above and beyond and do it with love and a smile.
Can't wait for us to work together again!


Community & Growth Leader, SafeUp

Danielle Naomi Beker

Working with Mira means working in a pleasant atmosphere, with endless dedication, motivation, and a real connection to the mission. To work with Mira is to keep working knowing that she will do everything she can to achieve the best results that will bring us closer to the company's KPI. I was privileged to work with you and I have no doubt we will work together again in the future. THANK YOU for everything.


Marketing, Brands & Communications Specialist

Avner Warner

I worked with Mira when I served as the Director of International Economic Sector at Tel Aviv City. Mira joined our fledgling team in its initial years during which objectives, know-how, and roles were still being developed and defined. Within this new and fast-changing municipal entity, Mira built her role from the ground up with professionalism and high emotional intelligence, making a true and significant impact in her work as Press Director.


Director of Governmental Affairs, Consulate General of Israel to the Southwest

Chandler Waite

Working with Mira Marcus has been a pleasure. She has an acute sense for communications, and I am always stunned, but at this point unsurprised, by her wide breath and scope of contacts. She has an invaluable skill for getting out a message to the target audience. Mira is a truly gifted communicator who I've never seen struggle to find the right word, in either English or Hebrew. Public relations is as much a science as it is an art, and I've never seen someone engage both sides so effectively.
When Mira calls, the media picks up.


Head of Marketing, Agora

Bottom line: If you need PR in the USA, you need Mira Marcus.

This woman is amazing. I've never experienced anyone who's a partner like Mira. It's like you're adding another experienced, well-rounded team member to your marketing team. It was shocking and refreshing to have someone step up the game in a way no one has done for me before.

Every goal we've set has been crushed. The results were way over our expectations. This influenced our Brand Awareness and grew our metrics while making a real impact on our pipeline.

I always thought going for the shiny agencies is the right thing to do. Mira proved me wrong and showed me what a real partner does for you and for your company.

I'm the number 1 Mira advocate and available for recommendations for anyone who wants to reach out.

Asaf Raz


Head of User Marketing,

Yadin Katz

I've had the opportunity of working side by side with Mira for over two years. During that time, she proved to be one of the most diligent and prolific workers in the company. She is intelligent, well organized and a true team player.

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