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What Do Clients Have To Say About Mira:

  • Mira is amazing, one of the best PR people I've ever worked with

  • We've been featured everywhere (Fast Company, TechCrunch, Business Insider, Wash Post, CBInsights, Mashable)

  • She really is a part of our team, not just a vendor

  • She works well to plan out each month, but is also good at last minute pitches that come up out of nowhere. For instance Apple bought Dark Sky this week and Mira got us in FC and Wash Post the day after

  • She's good at working with execs and founders too

  • Mira worked through a very complex company and product , working with 3 founders and the exec team

  • If you're at all impressed with the press gets, know that Mira was the original architect during the first 4 years of the company. 

  • Mira was the building blocks for where our company is today on our PR/brand awareness, taking us from seed stage through Series C.

  • For any startup looking to move from seed stage to IPO you can't beat Mira


I would 100% recommend her, 
Dan Slagen, CMO

2024 Forbes Entrepreneurial 50 Top CMO List

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Mira Marcus

Media Relations

I have been doing media relations - and loving it - for the past 12 years. My expertise is in telling stories and getting reporters intrigued. The result? Articles in leading business publications such as TIME'S 100 Best Inventions List, Forbes, Fortune and Bloomberg, tech publications such as TechCrunch, Fast Company and Business Insider, and industry-specific publications. Whatever helps move the needle for my clients. 

I am an Israeli - American working with Israeli startups and firms to get press exposure in the US media. The advantage is linguistic as well as cultural. I understand the mindset and work culture of Israelis. And I use my connections in the American media to drive stories home. 

Following over a decade of working with one of the world’s leading brands, the City of Tel Aviv, and later with the Israeli Ministry of Energy, I started working with Israeli startups that need exposure in the US media. I’ve worked with B2B and B2C clients across industries, from software and FinTech to real estate and not-for-profits.

I love the pace, the bottom line, the technology, the minds behind the startups, and the stories I can tell reporters. I look forward to hear your company’s story.

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